"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without
vision is a nightmare.” — Japanese proverb

Individual Coaching

“What next?”   “ Where now”?  “For what purpose?

Imagine that your life is a journey and that each time you ask these type of questions — “What next?” “ Where now”? “For what purpose?” — there is a roadmap that guides you. Ultimately, our greatest creation is the tapestry of our own lives. What could be more important?

PeopleWise offers you tools to identify your personal core values and to expand how you think about yourself. Also we have conversations to introduce language and communication models that will increase your effectiveness. We consider the whole being, the body, the mind, and the spiritual requirements to determine strategies for reaching your goals.


Client Comments


  • The coaching alliance empowers you to design your future impact.
  • Individual coaching offers you the kind of relationship that increases your insight, and develops your courage and effectiveness.
  • In an environment that engenders trust and openness, you discover the creative resources inside your self.
  • We look at where you are stuck, what is in your way, and what restraints you may want to free.
  • We coach the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
    You awaken to what is possible and you tap into what you want, and the passion for pursuing it.

Individual custom designed coaching sessions offered:

Locally, at either San Francisco or Oakland offices; at your work setting (when appropriate), or other agreed upon venue.

We also can meet on the phone with email in between. The advantage of phone meetings is that you can be coached in the comfort of your own home and at times that may be more convenient for you.

Many clients choose a combination of interactions. We are flexible in designing what is appropriate for you.

Initial 3 HOUR interview includes:

  • Completion and evaluation of LifeJourney Map© (a values survey instrument- www.Ljmap.com)
  • Assessment of your current situation and initial articulation of where you think you want to go
  • Initial design and plan for the coaching relationship

Following are weekly or biweekly meetings.

To learn more, contact Lucy Fine at 415-641-8551
or email: Lucy@peoplewise.org.

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