"To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing
immobility as a means of transportation." — Yann Martel

Current Ongoing and Newly Forming Groups

Now Accepting Clients for Consultation Group April 2015. See below.

Process Groups: Both Women-Only and Coed
A Dynamic Environment for Personal Inquiry and Exploration

When we listen and attune to other people we are making room internally to nurture other possibilities for knowing ourselves as well as another.  Instead of “going it alone” we learn to build off of others, leverage each other’s strengths, and feel the aliveness of genuine connection.

Also in a group we awaken from old stories that are no longer useful in the present context of our lives. You will find that when you release negative patterns that keep you stuck and reactive, you have more access to your own abundant internal resources, as well as the capacity for presence. In this group you will experience a safe space to explore how to meet life gracefully as it unfolds.

If you want to:

  • Break out of isolation into the rich support of a community
  • Find alternatives to not taking things “just personally”
  • Acquire insight into your blind spots
  • Learn methods to regulate the nervous system that will allow you to release anxiety, depression, outrage and other reactive states
  • Access your vital energy and capacity for change
  • Show up courageously and be present to express what has heart and meaning

Like any relationship, as much as we sometimes would like to move quickly into intimacy, there are fundamental requirements for trust and collaboration in a group dynamic we cannot bypass. The systems-oriented approach is an elegant way to explore our depth of experience without constricting and excluding conflicting and different perspectives as we dive deeper.  Ultimately we are enabling our capacity to hold more complexity, leading to more spaciousness, curiosity and discovery.

Initial interview required for all groups.  All groups meet in San Francisco.

Ongoing Women’s Group: meets weekly on
Wednesdays from 6 – 8 PM (presently there are 2 openings)

Consultation Group: Develop Skills To Transform How You Participate
In Organizational Life

Group will meet monthly on Friday begining in April 2015

In a monthly consultation group, you will have the opportunity to learn new ways to approach and solve problems, to influence and create impact. Through facilitated conversations and activities, participants will learn new mental tools, try out new maps for viewing difficult situations, and build new frames of understanding.

The goal of consultation will be to:
  • Improve creative thinking and thought leadership for changing environments
  • Promote effective decision-making in complex situations
  • Build strong and enduring teams and partnerships
  • Transform conflicts into opportunities for learning
  • Find greater satisfaction with family, friends and colleagues


To learn more, contact Lucy Fine at 415-641-8551
or email: lucy@peoplewise.org.

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