“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within awakens!” — Carl Jung

Collaborative Intelligence:
Leadership Development & Executive Coaching


Lucy Fine

Lucy Fine

A trusted adviser and a systems thinker, Lucy is known for her authenticity, wisdom and adeptness at facilitating difficult conversations. She has a way of seeing the people in the system separate from the system itself. Her coaching guides you to understand the dynamics inside of decision-making that promote successful action vs those that are heading south toward a dead-end of no change.

Her unique practices assist leaders to strengthen their collaborative intelligence. She has mastery in understanding the emotions at play that contribute to team dynamics. By highlighting pressure points, she shows how subtle shifts can promote innovative change.

Areas of focus include improving job and organizational performance, valuing diversity and cultural competence and integrating conflicting viewpoints inside of a group or within an individual. Lucy seeks to build learning communities by supporting her clients to clarify their purpose and vision through alignment with organizational values.

Lucy has been very successful in leading large-scale workplace studies by leveraging her skillful listening and inquiry in a manner which enrolls the most resistant participants. Certified in a variety of tools she also integrates the best of online tools with face-to-face interviews to produce in depth 360 leadership assessments. These assessments serve to enlighten leadership how to succeed in turbulent environments.

Representative Clients:

Deloitte Consulting
Key Curriculum Press
Standard Industry Analysts
PBSJ Engineering
Gallup Corp.
Kodak Gallery

Government organizations:
Sandia Nat’l Laboratory,
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
SF General Hospital.

Kaiser Permanente
Dept. of Public Health, CA
Stanford University
UC Berkeley
Special Olympics Northern Calif.
Glide Foundation
United Cerebral Palsy
Operation Lifesaver
Marin Conservation Corps


To learn more, contact Lucy Fine at 415-641-8551
or email: lucy@peoplewise.org.

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