"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without
vision is a nightmare.” — Japanese proverb

GROUPS: Practicing the Art of Strategic Conversation

The systems-oriented approach to groups believes that who we are in the group has more to do with the phase of development of the group than it does with what any one individual brings into the mix.

The group experience offers the unique opportunity to not take your self “just personally”, but rather you experience your contribution as energy for building the system.

Why Groups?:

You will have the unique opportunity:


Client Comments


  • to not take your experiences of self and other- “just personally” (Most often we experience things personally, and, it is not the whole story!)
  • to break out of isolation to experience more of the rich commonwealth of a community
  • to practice a successful way for managing and integrating differences without creating a scapegoat.
  • to learn how to see through a systems-oriented lens rather than a self-centered one
  • to gain flexibility and resiliency as well as learn what produces resonance and what produces noise in a group's communication style
  • to experience the power of a group.

No person is ever pathologized, stereotyped or made to feel like the scapegoat. Everyone is considered creative, resourceful and whole.

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