"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without
vision is a nightmare.” — Japanese proverb

Couples and Partnerships: Personal and Professional

Do you find your self asking “What is wrong?” or “What is missing” in this relationship? Is your relationship stuck in complaining and blaming, avoiding and withholding?

Peoplewise coaching shifts away from the tendency to focus on your differences toward the goal of building on your similarities first.

The challenge is to be in the present and to not get attached to outcome, but rather to steer your attention toward the engagement in a way that promotes alliances built on trust.


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Rather than rely on what we do know from the past that lends to predicting into the future, we introduce a method to explore what we don’t know, with curiosity and excitement.

You will learn:

  • Language styles that open up communication
  • Role competencies that attend to reaching stated goals
  • Change strategies that are influenced by integrating the experiences of both members in the partnership or couple
  • Tools and maps to make way for creativity, intimacy, adventure and innovation.

Custom designed meetings at SF or East Bay office, at your work setting or other agreed upon venues. We can also meet by phone when appropriate to accommodate convenience.

To learn more, contact Lucy Fine at 415-641-8551
or email:  Lucy@peoplewise.org.

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