“I believe every person has a heart, and if you can reach it,
you can make a difference.” — Uli Derickson

Coaching Approach

The intention of PeopleWise coaching is to cultivate an alliance with clients who want to look at what is holding them back from going in the direction that gives them meaning and inspiration. Through value-driven dialogue, we work with you to tell your story rather than have the story tell you. Through coaching and the introduction of system-centered thinking you will learn to balance the multi-dimensional perspectives you are managing.

We offer activities, conversations and models of thinking to help you gain clarity and realize what is possible for you. We offer the tools and the opportunity to build skills that will enhance your ability to communicate effectively and to have more successful relationships with your peers, and work colleagues. You will learn to design goals and to develop the best strategies for reaching them. You will more easily access your creativity and vitality for innovation.

The process includes these steps:

Step One: Investigate beliefs, assumptions and strategies that may have been useful at one time and compare them to ones that reflect more of who you are now.

Step Two: Learn to navigate unknown territory with excitement and curiosity rather than with fear.

Step Three: Develop mental models that will help you to organize what has seemed overwhelmingly complex and insurmountable.

Step Four: Transform your insights into proposals and requests that will lead you to direct your personal resources, skills and talents toward your goals.

Step Five: Implement your creative ideas to strategically move from reflection to action.

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